Ladies Salwar Kameez for Winter | Latest Diwali Designs

Indian Shalwar Kameez dresses are very famous among girls due to its beauty. The dress consists of a Kameez (Kurti) which usually has normal length stitched according to pattern and a shalwar (tight / skinny / trouser). The dress has cultural and traditional values and worn by the queens in early ages of South Asia. Today we will present you some beautiful designs of Indian Ladies Shalwar Kameez dresses for upcoming winter season 2011-12. All these Salwar kameez dresses are brand new designs according to modern trend of winters season
As Diwali Festival in not far, So the designer also consider the festival of lights, Indian ladies will highly appreciate these salwar kameez designs.  Let’s have a look.

This alluring Winter Shalwar Kameez has beautiful floral design fabric of kameez and has beautiful Zig Zag design fabric of shalwar. The color combination is superb and attractive. Square shape neck style with black silk half sleeves looks so pretty with this color combination. Border at the bottom of kameez has beautiful embroidery which makes this Indian Chooridar Shalwar Kameez more beautiful.

Chic Art designs are the famous and the best designs for semi functional and casual dresses. This Chic Art Indian Churidar Shalwar Kameez is the best choice for party wear dress. Silver thread embroidery on chocolate color fabric looks so fantastic. Tight fit pattern of Kameez has full sleeves and V shape neck style fixed with collar. Fancy strip is being used as border at the bottom of kameez.

Short round fit kurti pattern is very common in winter clothing and this enthralling Ladies Salwar Kameez for Diwali has this. White chooridar salwar has black lining zig zag style and the kurti has modern shaped squared neck style developed with thin black fabric. Shirt collar is being used in this kurti and the half sleeve style looks pretty with this type of kurti.

This fancy type Indian Chooridar Shalwar kameez is best fit for seasonal and wedding parties in winter. The design and pattern is so perfect. Kurti has semi frock style with V shape neck style and have collar embedded with it. Fancy blowing style with hard color scheme looks so pretty.

This is superb style of  Shalwar kameez for winter season. Flower series in the design looks so accurate and the color scheme also best fit for winter. The pattern and the style of stitching have modern touch in it although the dress is cultural and traditional. A short open ladies coat has been embedded along the kurti which gives unique and fancy look to the Indian Chooridar Shalwar kameez.

Long shape round fitted kurti with chooridar shalwar is one of the best combinations of Indian Shalwar Kameez. Round shape neck style with short sleeve pattern looks pretty. Fancy Lace has been used to build border at cuffs and at the lower bottom of the kameez. Same sort of Lace has been used to develop the design at bust. Color scheme is best for winter season.

Semi frock style kurti with chooridar shalwar looks pretty and the design is also fabulous. The kurti has half sleeve scheme with round shape neck. Beautiful fancy lace is being used at bust design and at the lower border. The built-in design is good.

Striking colors are very common in winter clothing especially with some fancy work. This Indian Shalwar kameez has striking color scheme and the fabric has built-in fancy work which looks so beautiful. Long kurti with small side chalks is very common in winter clothing. Round shape neck with full sleeve pattern look balanced. Same sort of accessory is being used for the development of cuff, bust design and for the development of lower bottom border of kurti. All these dress designs are taken from cbazaar. If some one want to purchase these dresses please visit their official site.

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