Cinta Laura - New Comers Indonesian Actress, Winers of SCTV awards 2007

cinta laura
cinta laura
cinta laura
Here A Little Collections About Cinta Laura, Cinta laura is the best Winner Actress at SCTV Award 2007
cinta laura
Tips For How To Ask For A Date by Melissa Murray

The trick to making it all go smoothly is to rehearse it! As you read through these tips, picture what you will say and what their responses or questions might be. Then when the time comes you will be able to play the part perfectly!

1. You need to know why you want to go on a date with that person. What do you like about them? You don't have to be overly flattering, just make them feel good.
2. Know ahead of time what the date would be like. Where will you take them? What will you do? It can be a turn off if you don't know so be ready with some different ideas.
3. Never pressure the person for a date. If they say "no" accept it for what it is and don't keep bugging them.
Once you get the date, keep these things in mind:
1. Never stand a person up. If you set a date, keep your word. It is a really bad first impression, you will probably not have another chance and also, word spreads. They will let their friends know to stay away from you.
2. The term 'the more the merrier' does not apply to first dates. Keep it to the two of you so will have plenty of one on one time to get to know each othe
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