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How to Encourage Home Party Attendance

There is nothing more discouraging in direct sales than hosting a home party and having no one show up. Many times direct sellers avoid home parties all together for this reason.

As a direct seller you are either throwing a home party for your friends and family, or working with a customer who wants to host a home party for her friends and family.

Here are 5 tips that will work to encourage home party attendance no matter who is hosting the party.

1. Avoid having home parties on weeknights. Most women work early weekdays, and their kids need to be in bed early for school on weeknights. This is an easy excuse for moms not to attend a home party held on a weeknight. It also may be harder to find a sitter on these nights if the other parent in unavailable. Better choices are Friday nights, Saturday days and nights, and Sunday afternoon.

2. Hire a local babysitter to watch guests' children in another room during the party. If you announce ahead of time children are welcome and they will be supervised on premises, it is hard for a mom to say no.

3. Serve food and beverages. Do not go overboard, but food and drinks are always more appealing to guests. You may want to write on invitations that refreshments will be served. Believe it or not, after the party is over the one thing women remember is the food!

4. Make a note on your invitations that whichever guest brings the most friends to the party receives a prize or a specific credit amount that can be used on purchases during the party. This incentive with not only help bring your invited guests to the party, but you can also gain some extra guests as well. You may also want to give all 'friends of guests' a little gift or discount for attending.

5. Host a theme party. Margarita and wine parties are becoming increasingly popular and can turn into a fun mom's night out. Make sure to also have non-alcoholic "fun" beverages for guests who do not drink so no one will feel feel out of place.

Though these tips can help increase your home party attendance, a successful home party is not always measured by the number of people that attend.

You may have 20 people show up at your party and make 2 small sales, or you could have 2 people show up and make 2 large purchases. Home parties are supposed to be fun, and in general, the more fun an individual is having at a party the more likely they are to spend money on your products, and return to another party at a later date.

Give these 5 tips a try before hosting your next home party. Remember, no matter how many guests do show up, just make sure to show them a good time, and you are sure to be successful!

Stefanie Fauquet is the owner of, a website devoted to helping moms make more money in direct sales. For more tips on hosting successful home parties visit

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