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- Break The Silence And Be An Absolute Stunner

What is the biggest problem most guys have on a date? Well it's simply how to initiate that very first conversation with a random female or a potential date. You might plan on talking about tones of things but sometimes when the moment comes you go blank in the mind and face awkward silence. This silence is something which would give the wrong impression to her and she would kind of feel awkward herself. Read on to find out some of the best conversation openers of all time.

You like this place? - One of the best ways to start almost any sort of conversation with a girl. Sometimes she might answer you in a simple yes but you should take over and start talking about how much you have been to this place before and what you normally enjoy when it comes to food or drinks and ask her if she has tried the same. Remember the best way to keep the conversation going is to ask her questions.

Target her- Take a good at what she is wearing or maybe just her appearance. Compliment her a bit on the way she looks and carry on the conversation from there. Remember once you give someone an honest compliment you get their instant attention and they get more interested in listening to you.
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